Z-Wave Advanced Thermostat


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Z-Wave Thermostat

The IS-ZW-TSTAT-300 is a wirelessly controlled digital thermostat featuring an easy-to-use touch screen to adjust settings or program. The thermostat is compatible with standard heating and cooling
systems with up to two-stage heat and cool.

The Z-Wave® enabled wireless digital thermostat offers wireless digital technology while still being user friendly. The IS-ZW-TSTAT-300 model features four intuitive controls: Heat/Cool mode and Fan Auto/On buttons on side of unit, and Menu and Program selections on front. Temperature can be controlled from the touch screen, which has a backlit display for convenient nighttime reading.

This unit has the capability to accept two communications modules, and has three LED indicators to display current electricity pricing or grid status.

When connected to an Interlogix security system, the IS-ZW-TSTAT-300 can become part of an integrated Z-Wave®  network providing remote control and automation. Manage HVAC systems from multiple points of control: directly from the thermostat, from the security system interface, or remotely from a smartphone and online.  Efficiency benefits may be achieved when controlling thermostat operation in conjunction with security system settings.


  • Large, easy-to-read touch screen display
  • Two-way communication as part of a Z-Wave® network, allowing the thermostat to be controlled locally and remotely
  • Save Energy button can predetermine set-back temperature
  • 7 day programming for stand alone use*
  • Easy-to-use controls make it simple to raise/lower temperature and fan settings
  • Check Filter LED signals need to clean filter to improve efficiency and performance
  • Operates on 3 AA batteries and/or 24AC power (required for Z-Wave operation)
  • Mercury free - Environmentally safe



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