Hardwired Security System Sensors

Hardwired Home Security Systems by GE - We carry a selection of wired home security ssensors. Not sure what you need? Have one of our home security experts custom design a solution for you. Read More...

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Remotely monitor cabins or vacation homes, check or change temperature by phone, and get called if any condition or security problems occur.
Protect anything that opens and closes. Surface mount and hidden, recessed sensors are available for virtually any application.
Detect any movement within the sensors range. Have pets? No worries, these sensors are available for pets up to a certain size.
Breaking glass generates certain frequencies, and these sensors detect that along with a change in temperature and pressure.
Protect yourself from dangerous elements by detecting any smoke, heat and rate of rise, carbon monoxide and natural gas.
Alert your neighbors, scare off potential invaders, and be visible to emergency services with an outdoor siren and strobe light.
Add convenience and access to your security system by adding a keypad in the entryway or bedroom. Provides option to not have alarm in entry location.
Find a complete selection of hardwired home security system components, along with other miscellaneous accessories.

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