M&S DMC3-4 Retrofit Home Intercom Master Station (Almond)


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M&S DMC3-4 Retrofit Master Station (Almond)

Designed to upgrade your existing 3 or 4 wire home intercom system

Designed to provide updated functionality and styling in homes with existing M&S and NuTone 3 and 4 wire intercom systems. Engineered to run on existing wires, the dmc retrofit will replace most older M&S Systems and NuTone intercoms. Unique retrofit finish out frames make installation easy by eliminating the need to repair drywall. The dmc retrofit also offers an optional 6-disc CD changer.

The dmc3-4 is a retrofit system that consists of 3 major components

  • Master Station
  • Room/Patio Station?You can install up to 9 Room Stations in individual zones, 15 Room Stations in shared zones on a 4-wire (M&S Systems retrofit) installation and 13 Room Stations in shared zones on a 3-wire (NuTone retrofit), including 2 Patio Stations.
  • Door Station?You can install up to 3 Door Stations.DMC3-4 Diagram


  DMC3-4 System Components  

Master Station

The dmc3-4 is an intercom and sound system designed for today?s home. Its compact size and modern, elegant look complement any d?cor. The dmc3-4 offers more than just sensible good looks. It gives you peace of mind as it allows you to communicate with family members and monitor specified rooms. The dmc3-4 offers high quality sound throughout your home from several sources, including the radio, CD player or other.

You can install up to 9 Room Stations in individual zones, 15 Room Stations in shared zones on a 4-wire (M&S Systems retrofit) installation and 13 Room Stations in shared zones on a 3-wire (NuTone retrofit), including 2 Patio Stations. The Master Station gives you control over the system intercom and music capabilities. System setup is established at the master. These settings include: set the clock and establish music auto on/off times, select the system music source, save preset radio stations, set the scan mode, and activate the RF Remote. System volume, loudness, treble, bass, and balance (with optional amplifier) can also be controlled from the dmc3-4 master. Intercom functionality for each Room/Patio Station is established at the master by setting the intercom selector switches. Each room station can be set to Intercom Only, Radio and Intercom, Off, or Monitor. The dmc3-4 provides the ability to monitor other stations and communicate with Door Stations. System functionality can also be established to provide Security and Home Automation features.

Room / Patio Stations

Control up to 15 room/patio stations. These Intercom Stations provide intercom functions and system music control capabilities. Depending on the room configuration at the Master Station, a Room/Patio Station can communicate with or monitor other stations and communicate with the Door Stations. The system?s music can be turned on and off, music volume adjusted, and music sources changed from the dmc3RS and dmc4RS room stations.

Door Station

The Door Station is an exterior intercom speaker and doorbell installed at home entrances. The dmc3-4 system supports up to 3 door stations. The door station allows for communications from within the house to visitors. Any station with its Intercom Selector Switches set to Intercom or Radio/INT can communicate with the Door Station.


  Steps to Upgrade Your Current Intercom  
  1. First you must check for your model number, witch is located on your master unit.
  2. Find the number of wires, pull a room station from the wall and count the number of separate wires located at the room unit. These two things will assist you on how to upgrade your system.
  3. Make sure you have a "Home Run" wiring setup - The DMC3-4 Requires each room unit requires the wiring to be "Home Run" Back to the master unit. This can be checked by removing each room unit, and making sure there is only 1 set of wires coming in, and none going out to another room unit.
    • If there is another set of wires going from one room unit, out to another room unit, you have a "Looped System" wich will require the NuTone IM-5000 for upgrading.
  4. Choose the Proper Equipment - The DMC3-4 System can work with both 3 or 4 wire systems - Simply add either the 3 or 4 wire sub-stations to meet your needs. Then add any extra retro-fit brackets to replace your current system with little wall repair.
  5. *NOTE If you have a 6 or 8 wire "Home Run" System you can use the standard DMC1 Intercom. For Upgrading.


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