Structured Wiring

Pre-Wire for the Future - Wire your home for all current services and future needs. Phone, Cable or Satellite TV, Networking, and HD Video. Read More...

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Complete Wiring Kits for any size home. From 6 to 24 locations for all major services, in one convenient location.
Standard or High Def, switching or non switching. We have a video distribution solution solution for any application.
Distribute up to 4 lines to any number of locations throughout the house. RJ45 or punchdown options.
Pre-Configured Wall Plates - The most popular wall plate requirements for most structured wiring applications.
CAT5, CAT6, Coax, Speaker and Bundled Multi-Media Cable. Pre-wire your house now to be compatible with the future.
Pick the enclosure brand, then pick your modules to fit (as some parts fit only their own brand enclosures).
Complete kits for controlling your A/V equipment from any room of your home using various IR Distribution products.
As more technology uses becomes IP based, a robust high-speed hardwired network that is easy to manage is a must.
Connectors, Adapters, Power Supplies, Mounting Brackets, Tools and other hard to find custom parts.

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