HDMI Multi-Room Distribution

PreWire Rooms For 1080P HD Video - Our multi-room HDMI distribution solutions will allow you to distribute HDMI HD Signals to multiple rooms or multiple displays in your home or business. Not sure what you need - We can custom build a solution, just submit a free quote request.

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Put an HDTV in any room in the house (or even the patio, driveway, or garage) with full 1080p HD and 3D Video!
Distribute HDMI Signals to All rooms of your home or business with these pre-configured HDMI distribution Packages.
Switch between multiple HDMI sources to one or more outputs for distribution to any rooms of the house.
Send HDMI over new or existing Cat5 or Cat6 cables, or for long-distance applications.
Send HDMI to multiple displays and multiple rooms using HDMI Distribution Amplifiers.

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