Structured Wire Cable

Structured Wiring Cable - We have a complete selection of wire needed for pre-wiring any home or business for computer networks, phone, video and audio. From speaker wire to Cat6 we carry a complete wire selection. To save time on large projects try our structured wire bundles.

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Featured Categories
Bundled Wire, 2 Cat5 2 RG6 - Get it all done in 1 pull. Save yourself time and money by getting the job done quickly.
The Standard in Networking and Phones - Most home systems are designed to work with Cat5 or Cat5e cable.
For High-Speed Networks or future proofing. Cat6 provides the most bandwidth and flexability.
Improved performance video cable featuring high density double shielding for RV television distribution.
Our high quality speaker wire will ensure you get the best quality from your audio equipment.
Need to hook it up? These accessories will allow you to do the job yourself and get it right the 1st time.

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